World press center Questions

1. Find the series on the child brides of Yemen. What do you think the photographer’s motivation is here? What is your reaction to this series?

I think the motivation of the photograhper is to capture the harsh reality in their lives and be able to pass that feeling onto the viewer. None of the”models” are smiling to show their sadness and also to show that they are just kids. The images show are young they still are, especially the photo of the child being carried by the man. It is such a meaningful image where you only see half her face and the back of the man. It has a certain kind of sadness to the image, just that one eye, looking straight at the camera. And you don’t know where the man is taking her but she looks pretty scare. The whole series of images is very powerful, showing their life how it is for them.It even said that one of them was married at five years old! That just scares me knowing that this can and is happening in the world when it shouldn’t be.

2.  Find the special mention photo of Muammar Gaddafi. What does this example say about the future of photojournalism?

This photo was just taken by someone witnessing the event, showing us that in the future anyone who has a working camera and is in the right place at the right time can be a photojournalist!

3. Find the World Press winning photograph. What story is Aranda (the photographer) trying to tell with this image? Is there an emotional impact?

There is a very strong emotional impact from this image. You don’t see any faces, but you can still feel both the son’s and the mother’s pain. The image tells the story of a boy who is in pain, his mother found him and is now trying to stop the pain. The reason why this image has such strong emotions is because even if you don’t know the full story behind it (the protest and getting sprayed with tear gas) you are still able to feel pain for the mother and son, and feel this darkness behind the image.

4. What was your favourite picture in the exhibit?

My favorite photo in the exhibit is the the Salil Bera leopard attack. I find this image impressive because the composition of the image is very good considering the photographer probably didn’t have much time to set up the shot. It is also impressive to be able to photograph a live animal that is constantly moving and to still come out with them in the perfect spot.

5. What was your favourite series in the exhibit?

My favorite series was “Never Let You Go” from Alejandro Kirchuk. It has so many emotions in it, and many people go through hard times that resemble this one so everyone can relate the series.

6. What makes an effective press photo in your opinion?

For a press photo to be effective, the reader should be able to have feelings for “models” in the image without knowing their full story. In addition, the image should be should tell a story on its own.


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